“Melodye Micëre Van Putten has dedicated her life to building community using the study of history. She has done this through founding Black History Works, Inc., which features several notable international projects including the acclaimed Ashay University. Van Putten has always used her education, training, and expertise to empower students (who span all ages, races, and cultures) in understanding the relevance and importance of global Black History. Van Putten is a highly creative/multifaceted person who cares deeply about ensuring that all communities have access to global Black history and culture. What makes Van Putten’s work so exceptional is that she makes Black history intellectually accessible to all audiences; and shows people how this particular historical knowledge base is an intellectually stimulating and liberating experience for individuals and communities.”

~ Katherine Bankole-Medina, Ph.D., Professor of History & Distinguished Faculty Researcher, Choppin State University, Baltimore, MD

Melodye Micere at sixty

Hotep and Warm Greetings,

Akwaaba!  Welcome!  I invite you to browse the pages within to learn about my work as a poet, educator, culture worker and lecturer. In fact, linger awhile!

Wisdom, strength and power are contained within the lessons of global African history and culture – I believe in that!  In combination with profound expressions of spirituality, our history’s lessons are a potent source of empowerment.  With true liberation in mind, it is time for us to engage in sba – reading and studying, in order to analyze, comprehend and reconsider our actions towards CHANGE.   It is time for us to move past merely surviving; it is time to heal ourselves and THRIVE. The sojourn of African people, as the first people to inhabit the Earth, has been long, with epic episodes of glory and pain. Yet, our traditional greatness awaits us!

This is my life’s work…  Contact me should you desire workshops, teacher professional development, parent workshops, African-centered curriculum or cultural enrichment programs for children.  Check out the Mobile African Foundation Timeline!  Visually arresting, informative and inspiring, I would be delighted to present a talk for it!  I would love to provide a performance lecture, featuring my original poetry placed in historical and contemporary context, challenging one and all to think deeply and purposefully move in the world with vision, boldness and courage.

It is time! Be empowered. Be in touch. . . at melodyevanputten@aol.com

In the Spirit of Empowerment,
Mwalimu Melodye Micëre