Ashay Clubs

Ashay Clubs are custom-designed for implementation in schools in formats that include enrichment classes, after-school clubs, advistory period programs.  Ashay Club essentials include curriculum lessons on a broad variety of core, global Black historical information to give participants what Dr. Martin Luther King describes as “. . . a majestic sense of worth.”  Each lesson provides a variety of opportunities for participant interaction, discussion and engagement. Ashay curriculum lessons feature:

  • The Ashay Objectives
  • The African Foundation Timeline: (underscores the achievements of African people beginning in 10,000 BC)
  • Global African Inventions (documented contributions that have established the foundation of world civilization)
  • Ashay Academic Goal Charting Exercise (designed to empower students by helping them understand that academic achievement is their daily choice)
  • Who Am I?: Global Black Liberation Leaders (exposes participants to the great well of our leaders, as well as demonstrates the scope of our struggle)
  • The Great African Empires of Mali, Ghana and Songhay (teaches participants about life before enslavement)
  • The Ma’afa: The Great Disaster of Enslavement (provides a fuller understanding of slavery, as well as emphasizes our courage, resilience and active resistance versus a victim stance)
  • Profiles in Courage (highlights various freedom fighters in our global history)


The Berkeley Institute Ashay Club - Kwanzaa lesson

The Berkeley Institute Ashay Club – Kwanzaa lesson


Ashay Clubs are currently implemented at The Berkeley Institute and Clearwater Middle School in Bermuda.  Ashay Babies! and Ashay Kids! are enrichment programs currently offered at North Village Community Centre in Bermuda.

Ashay Kids

Ashay Kids at North Village Community Centre