Ashay Kids!

Ashay Kids! were designed for the children of Ashay University adult students who desire knowledge about global African history and culture from an African-centered perspective for their children.   Patterned after Ashay ClubsAshay Kids! serves children ages 8 to 11; Ashay Babies! are for children 5 to 7.  Classes are taught by Mwalimu Melodye Micëre Van Putten, M.A. and facilitated by the Guide to Self-Knowledge, Jr. workbook.  Class participation of the Ashay U adult – parent/grandparent is also required. The idea here is that children need information reinforced, therefore, an influential adult – parent or grandparent – must be enrolled in Ashay U classes for their child(ren) to be eligible for this program.

The Ashay Kids! curriculum includes the African Foundation Timeline, the values of Ma’at and the Nguzo Saba, the African Empires of Kemet, Ghana, Mali and Songhay and general African knowledge (geography, proverbs, Swahili words) along with empowered messages presented in an interactive and creative manner. To reinforce the Ashay U idea that we are building community together, brown bag lunches will be required that we might share a meal together each session.

Mwalimu with the Ashay Kids!

Mwalimu with the Ashay Kids!, Ashay Babies! and their Parents and Grandparents, 2017


Ashay Kids! Participant Testimonials:

Comments From Children:  What did you like the most?

  • “At Ashay Kids, we have learned to strong, walk strong and be strong.”
  • “I love Ashay Kids.”
  • What did you like the most?
  • The Ashay Objectives
  • The African Foundation Timeline
  • The Must-Haves

Comments From Parents:

Hotep Mwalimu,

Many thanks for extending this opportunity to me and my kids.  I honor your tutelage and generosity over the past four weeks.  Ashay U is the outlet and the educational nourishment that our youth require to break the chains of mental bondage and to escape the fate of unknown history repeating itself.  Thank you for the spiritual and educational enrichment and upliftment.  Your teachings will guide our children to the path of self-discovery and spiritual freedom that we all so desperately need.

Forever grateful, S. L.

Comments from Former Students:

  • . . . Thank you for the many lessons you gave my brother and I over the years. You are appreciated!
  • The African Foundation Timeline exercise showed me that although the last 400 years are known to me (1600-2000), I have a lot of back studying to do regarding my African greatness and genius.


Ashay Kids!

Ashay  Babies and Kids! 2018