Teaching attendees of Ashay University

Teaching attendees of Ashay University


  • “I want to thank you for taking me on this journey. I am many nationalities in one body and am glad that I can explore my African roots with someone who is so knowledgeable and encouraging.”
  •  “You are a true champion of our ancestors… congratulations for validating their lives!!!”
  • “The class on Thursday was amazing! You are an inspirational woman!”
  • “This was truly a blessing to be in a class with so many open-minded, opinionated and conscious individuals. Blessings to you Mwalimu Melodye!”
  • “The African Foundation Timeline exercise showed me that although the last 400 years are known to me (1600-2000), I have a lot of back studying to do regarding my African greatness and genius.”
  • “The discussions were extremely rich and most informative. In addition, the libation session were handled in an empowering way with care and sacredness that sparked a powerful honoring of the ancestors.”
Mwalimu teaching

Mwalimu teaching


Kephra: Becoming Rites of Passage for Women

  • “What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of Kephra, it is a great experience. Each week I’m in anticipation of being in the safe environment of women (attending Kephra) . . . Thank you for who you are and what you do.”
  • “[Regarding African Bermudian history] It was amazing to realize how much we didn’t know. I have purposed to read more about it. This will enable me to pass it on to my son, which is so important. …This course has added to my confidence and worth… ”
  • “[Kephra] was useful because it allowed me to share and think about many issues that are prevalent in my life. I learned so many things about my own country and also about other black history. …[Mwalimu] was very effective in her delivery. She exuded wisdom, humbleness, a love of God and love for us.”
  • “Kephra forced me to begin to make a commitment to myself, something I’ve been avoiding and allowing the ‘stuff’ of my life to crowd out. The call to introspection, the challenge to vision, and the encouragement to plan for the future [was most beneficial]. The presenter was inviting and inspiring, personable and personal.”
  • “Mwalimu is excellent, knowledgeable, approachable, caring, sympathetic, ‘real’, funny.”

Kephra: Becoming Rites of Passage Retreat, Formal Dinner at Pompano Beach Resort, Class of 2014, Bermuda