Habari Gani? What is The News?

Hotep!  The news is continuing with the film festival circuit of Healing History: The Documentary!  

Last week, I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for another “Healing History Weekend” anchored by the Charlotte Black Film Festival held at the Charlotte Convention Center.

My weekend began with the publishing of a lovely article about my return to Charlotte to celebrate my work by The Charlotte Post.  Next, the poetic talk at the LATIBAH Collard Green Museum.  Words do not accurately describe the awesomeness of this institution with its life-size installations depicting various slices of our history…  Properly beginning the journey of Africans in America with the story of our ancestors before enslavement is so important!  People need to know of our majesty as it unfolded with the Dogon, the Yoruba, the Kemites…  and LATIBAH brings that knowledge to bear before delving into the trials and tribulations of the Ma’afa – the great disaster of enslavement.

The gathering of conscious-minded folks were first blessed with a duet of powerful djembe players and libation ushering the ancestors to participate.  The assembly room, adorned with African art, kente and symbols, was a perfect venue for my poetry recitation, warmly received and appreciated.

Saturday’s screening of Healing History: The Documentary was well received! Comments can be read in the section “What Folks Are Sayin’…”  Thanks to Tommy Nichols and the Charlotte Black Film Festival for choosing the film!

Filmmaker Kevin Brooks, yours truly and Tommy Nichols, CBFF founder.

Filmmaker Kevin Brooks, MMVP and Tommy Nichols, CBFF director and founder

The second screening of Healing History was hosted by Rev. Dr. Sheldon Shipman of Greenville Memorial AME Zion Church.  The standing room only crowd gathered after services for a poetry reading, film screening, more poetry and spirited discussion.

A truly wonderful Sunday afternoon was made more so by having dinner with my two dear sister friends and hosts, Terri Joelle and LaTanya!  My heartfelt asante sana to everyone who came out, blessing me with their presence and enthusiasm!

Next up… Cannes!  And that’s the news!