Welcome to Habari Gani? – What is the News?!


Hotep and Greetings!

Giving thanks for purposeful work and the opportunity to educate, enlighten and encourage by sharing the knowledge of our global history and culture!

In terms of mission, this blog will keep you current with the activities, updates, thoughts and musings of your servant and Mwalimu in culture and empowerment.  With that, welcome to Habari Gani – Swahili for What Is The News?!”

February was a über busy month with Ashay University classes, Black History Month lectures and plans for the upcoming premier of Healing History: The Documentary and Everything We Should Be play by Ms. Shalane Dill, based on my poetry.

Two classes were offered in Ashay University – Life Before Enslavement and The Harlem Renaissance.  Both classes were met with enthusiasm and a thirst for more – clear indications that our community is hungry for self-knowledge.    The next class starts in mid-May: Seminar on Rightings Arousing Conscious Empowerment – RACE, based on my new book of the same name.   For more information and registration, do proceed to the Ashay University tab on this website.

Meanwhile, plans continue to unfold with the premier of the film Healing History: The Documentary.  The twenty-minute film showcases my work with children, adults and performance poetry.   The play, Everything We Should Be, highlights poetry in a dramatic fashion, telling the all too real story of a teacher trying to empower her students with history and culture, only to be rebuffed.  Shalane is a gifted playwright and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Habari Gani?  This is the news from your servant and Mwalimu in culture and empowerment!  Asante for reading and come back soon!  Hotep!